Date Posted
6th Sep 2018

Everyone is Welcome

Goodbye Waiting Lists!  That is our aim...

The club has been fortunate to have the offer of help from some additional volunteers and plan to turn that into more spaces in our Junior classes on Mondays.

The recent introduction of some features of Team Gym during our normal Senior class has shown us the potential this has to provide a fun new way to participate in gym - more music, a team spirit and real teamwork opportunities.  We want to keep that momentum going so in term 4 we slso hope to offer a 'Team Gym' class in addition to the normal Senior Class, however the details of this are yet to be confirmed.

Next year, we hope to add a Pre-School group to our range of classes and potentially more.  We can offer Parkour, Team Gym, Tumbling, Competition Extention - you tell us what you want and we will try to find a way to make it happen.

Come and Help Coach!

We'd love to help you get involved in your kids activities.  Come along to our starter coaching workshop in the upcoming school holidays.  Email us for details.  Our growth depends on your support.  

New Admin and Membership System

Gymnastics NZ has teamed up with some software companies which have provided us with a vastly improved administrative system.  We are making the transition now, with the view to next term having a new website, membership and accounting system.  While we are not looking forward to the inevitable teething issues, we believe this will provide a much more accessible and professional service to you all.  Check out our new logo and watch this space - we expect to be looking a lot more sharp in the coming months.