Date Posted
28th Apr 2019

Must Know Info for Term 2

Patience:  The gear is in place, and our coaches have been preparing, but the beginning of each new year always takes a bit of settling in.  It will take a few sessions to sort groups within classes and set the routines, so please be patient, things will settle down soon.

Parking: For the first few weeks - because the neighbouring property is currently vacant, and we have not quite completed the fencing and signage in our carpark, please follow the instructions below. For this first week please park outside and walk in.

Leotards:  Junior leotards will be available shortly and leotards for all others are being finalised in the next few weeks.  We'll be back in touch with details soon.

New gear arriving later:  We have a huge range of gym equipment available now, but more is on the way.  About half way through the term we are expecting delivery of our new sprung floor.  Purchase and installation of ropes, rings and wallbars are being planned now.

Huge Thanks:  Ken, Marianne and Angela Nation - you have worked incredibly hard to complete building work and persevere through the resource consent process.  Thanks for everything you have done to get our gym up and running.  The building looks amazing, unrecognisable from what it was 6 months ago.