Date Posted
29th Jun 2019

Term 3 Timetable Changes

Term 3 Timetable Changes - See the new timetable

Having had a term to setting and see what is working well and what needs a tweak, we have made the following changes to the timetable.  Highlights - more Free G, now on a Tuesday.  New Monday option for kids 8+.  Please get in early for bookings to confirm your spots:  


  • Slight change to start times for Kiwis (now 3.45pm) and Quails (now 4.50pm) - still 1 hour and still $90 per term
  • NEW:  Fantails Monday - for ages 8 +, starting 5pm to 6.30, same programme as Thursday but on a Monday, for those who Monday fits better with your family schedule.
  • NEW:  Teen / Adult Free G - 6.30 to 7.45 casual entry $10 per session
  • Note - Free G now moved to Tuesday


  • Change to ‘Boys Only’ - now ‘Boys Gym / Free G Mix’ - for 5+ some foundation moves for both gym and Free G - suitable for boys
  • Free G - very popular, filling fast, now two sessions available, standard (4.30pm) and advanced (5.45pm) - 1hr 15 mins $125
  • No Tumbling option this term - try Free G instead!


  • Slight change to start times for Kererus (3.45pm) and Keas (now 4.50pm) - still 1 hour and $90 per term
  • Change of start time for Team Gym (now 4.30pm) and cut to 2hrs, and new reduced fee of $150 to reflect shorter time


  • No change to Movement to Music and Hatchlings - Preschool during the day
  • No change to Fantails 4pm to 5.30 - but note - if a Monday suits you better this is also now an option
  • Tuis - reduced time now 4pm to 6pm and a reduced fee to $150 to reflect the shorter time
  • High School Gym - confirmed 6pm to 7.30